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Dear Collaborator by Doug Welch

Dear Collaborator by Doug Welch is now available on SmashwordsSoon, it will be available on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Sony and Diesel.

Dear Collaborator description.

When Amanda Farrell decided to collaborate on a new novel she never imagined the results. 

She certainly didn’t anticipate the depth of passion that Terrell Bane, her collaborator, would spark in her.

Now she hesitates at a crossroad. One path leads to ennui and lifetime of disappointment and the other to the love she’d always dreamed of. 

Should she remain locked in a hopeless marriage, or reach out for the uncertainly that Terrell offers? She fears that the power of the written word might be her undoing. Does she have the courage to accept Terrell’s love or will her sense of obligation cripple her? 

Soon enough she may find out because the publisher wants to buy the new book and she’s destined to meet her collaborator in person.  - Doug Welch