Sail Beyond Tomorrow by Doug Welch

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Sale Beyond Tomorrow by Doug Welch

Sale Beyond Tomorrow by Doug Welch is now available on Smashwords. It will be available on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Sony and Diesel in about a week to two weeks.

Shadow Twins description.

Susan Martin has issues. The lingering sorrow from the death of her mother, guilt from a failed love affair, anxiety for her father who has contracted Alzheimer’s disease, and the looming threat of the end of the world in a few months, have conspired to make life a tad complicated.

To add to her list of woes, she's falling in love with one of her university colleagues, Richard Parker, a hot archeology professor whom all the young co-eds covet. Could life become more complicated?

Of course it could.

Her efforts to attract Richard have resulted in an unexpected love affair between her father, Nate and Richard’s mother, Kathy, a match which Richard opposes, but one that Susan wholeheartedly approves. However, Nate and Kate both suffer from Alzheimer's. Can two Alzheimer’s victims live a normal, happy life? Will their parent's love for each other torpedo Susan's romantic plans?

On the flip side, the older couple conspires to make a pair out of Susan and Richard by enticing them onto Nate's boat.

Sailing, after all, requires teamwork and closeness. Will it work?

If love can find a way, it had better work fast, because none of them may survive the end of the Mayan Cycle. - Doug Welch