Shadow Games by Doug Welch

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Shadow Games by Doug Welch

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Shadow Games description.

 The novel Shadow Games occurs in and near Jamestown, Kentucky, a rural town in the heart of the state. Beneath the small town backdrop, danger lurks for twin brother and sister, Paris and Alexandra Fox. The sudden death of their parents in a suspicious accident has brought with it some painful revelations. 

The first is that the person who they called mother is not their birth mother, and therefore they possess an unknown genetic heritage. The second is that their father held a dangerous secret, one that caused their parent's death, and it looks like the Fox twins may be next. 

To complicate matters, they meet two wonderful people, Elizabeth and Caesar Rowan, brother and sister, who may be the soul mates they have always desired. However, their attraction poses a danger for the Rowans and a vulnerability for themselves. 

A race of people called Shadows who have the natural ability to hide in plain sight, want their father's secret and are willing to kill for it. They need to learn how to use their innate talents and the secret holds the key. Unfortunately the twins can't find it, and the Shadows are drawing closer. The twins must discover the the secret, protect the Rowans, and find the ability and the courage to confront the Shadow people. Their lives and the lives of the ones they love depend upon it. - Doug Welch