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 Book 2 of the Shadow People Series.

Shadow Spies by Doug Welch

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Shadow Spies description.

In Las Vegas, where someone’s playing the odds and everyone’s playing to win, the stakes have never been higher. Paris' options are almost impossible: lose his new wife to horror beyond imagining, or endanger his Family and defy the Council. 

Caught in the middle, he’s playing for time, time that is quickly running out. Who can you trust when you're all-in and it's time to reveal the cards?

Is his new father-in-law a traitor? Or a pawn in a greater game perpetrated by a master spy known only as 'Shadoe'; an enigmatic man who rules a spy network whose sole aim is to destroy the Shadow People. Why would Edward betray the Family? Is there some traumatic episode in his past that could explain it?

In the dangerous city below Sin City, Paris faces agonizing choices. With few allies, he must guard a secret so powerful the Shadow People fear it above it all else, while protecting and strengthening his new Family. Anything less spells disaster for all of them. - Doug Welch