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 Book 3  of the Shadow People Series.

Shadow Twins by Doug Welch

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Shadow Twins description.

In Iran, on a mission to rescue his mother-in-law, Paris Fox uncovers something he never could have expected, a mystery in the form of another almost identical twin. But this twin has a fantastic story to tell, one that may reveal the hidden seven-eights of Paris’ genetic iceberg.

Unfortunately, it seems his genes and those of his siblings have become a precious jewel that several Shadow Houses covet, chief among them the Borgia. They’re determined to steal the biological treasure trove contained the twins’ bodies, and they’ll go to any lengths to make that happen, including abduction, rape and child-stealing.

But does something more sinister hide in Paris’ bloodline? Does he have an evil twin, one that intends harm to his Family?

What’s with his genetic heritage anyway? How did he become related to five strangers, people who are near-clones? Did the Shadows cause it?

The answers lie in the House of Borgia. To find out, he’ll have to take them down hard and make certain they never rise again. To succeed, he’ll need all his skills and those of his siblings and allies. But if their combined might can’t match the powerful Borgia Adepts, their lives are forfeit.

To accomplish the task, Paris must proceed cautiously and cover his tracks. One misstep could easily ignite another Shadow war, resulting in disastrous consequences for the whole world. - Doug Welch