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The Reality Plague by Doug Welch

The Reality Plague by Doug Welch is now available on Smashwords. Soon, It will be available on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Sony and Diesel.

The Reality Plague description.

Civilization poises on the edge, as the human species races toward the cliff of self-extinction. The threat of a virulent plague causes people to hide in virtual realities to try to pretend some semblance of normalcy. But the truth is they’re trying to deny the doom awaiting them in the future. 

But what is the dividing line between reality and virtuality? Is everyone living in a dream? 

Can two lonely people like Jake Harrison and a mysterious woman named Liv be the keys that can halt the slide? The outcome of their struggle promises an end to their loneliness and might mean the salvation of the human race.

With the aid of a quirky, self aware computer and some friends they just might be able to pull it off and end the Reality Plague forever. 

That is, if they’re not killed in the effort.

This edition of The Reality Plague, with new material, a new cover and doubled in content, envisions the book I set out to write from the beginning. – Doug Welch